WCA Teams, Committees, and Councils

The WCA's teams and committees are an integral part of the organization and perform the day-to-day tasks that are required to keep it functioning. These committees are made up of WCA community members, including WCA Delegates and competitors. Each team has a leader, whose role is to ensure the proper functioning of the team and guide other team members. Councils are a special type of team that serve an advisory role to the WCA Board and are made up of community members, not WCA Staff members. When there are committee, team, or council openings, information about how to apply is posted on the front page.

WCA Officers

The officers of the WCA handle tasks relating to the non-profit status of the WCA. These officers are elected by the WCA Board. The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the WCA, the Chair presides over all Board meetings, the Secretary maintains the organization's documents, and the Treasurer manages financial matters of the WCA.

Bob Burton
WCA Executive Director
WCA Chair
Ethan Pride
WCA Vice-Chair
WCA Secretary
Chris Wright
WCA Vice-Chair
Henrik Buus Aagaard
WCA Vice-Chair
James Molloy
WCA Treasurer

WCA Board of Directors

The WCA Board is responsible for leading the organization as a whole, and fulfilling any duties not fulfilled by other Teams, Committees, and Councils

WCA Communication Team (WCT)

The WCA Communication Team (WCT) has the role to oversee and support communications of the WCA with the Community and the general public. The communication of the WCA should contribute to the Objectives of the WCA and support a general positive culture of friendliness, transparency, inclusiveness, openness, and responsiveness.

Rui Reis
Senior Member
Zongwei Sun(孙宗伟)

WCA Competition Announcement Team (WCAT)

This team has the role to approve and announce WCA Competitions and ensure such announcements adhere to WCA quality standards.

Daniel Vædele Egdal
Senior Member
Henry Savich
Senior Member

WCA Disciplinary Committee (WDC)

This committee advises the WCA Board in special cases, like alleged violations of WCA Regulations, and may be contacted by WCA members in case of important personal matters regarding WCA competitions.

Claudio Gonzalez
Senior Member
Taylor Cookmeyer
Senior Member

WCA Data Protection Committee (WDPC)

This committee is responsible for all matters relating to Data Protection.

Catrine Søndergaard Byrne

WCA Ethics Committee (WEC)

This committee's role is to ensure that all the procedures followed by the WCA Staff and External Staff abide by its Code of Ethics, and to perform independent investigations if the conduct of any of these members is not compliant with said Code of Ethics. Such investigations can be requested by any Registered Speedcubers, for whom the WEC is a confidant. This committee also functions as the board of appeal if anyone involved disagrees with a decision made by the WCA Disciplinary Committee.

Blake Thompson
Senior Member
Georel Ulangkaya
Senior Member

WCA Executive Assistants Team (WEAT)

This team is responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks of the WCA Board of Directors.

WCA Financial Committee (WFC)

This team is responsible for managing the finances of the WCA.

James Molloy
Chris Wright
Senior Member

WCA Marketing Team (WMT)

This team is responsible for developing and managing the WCA Brand, seeking sponsorships, supporting the distribution of WCA Competition Gear, and marketing WCA Merchandise.

Annette Musta

WCA Quality Assurance Committee (WQAC)

This committee has the role to support and promote continuous quality improvement within the WCA, as well as worldwide application of quality standards to ensure consistent high quality of processes, WCA Staff, Regional Organizations, Competition Organizers, and Competition Staff.

Leon Schmidtchen
Senior Member
Nitin Subramanian
Senior Member

WCA Regulations Committee (WRC)

This committee is responsible for managing the WCA Regulations.

Lucas Garron

WCA Results Team (WRT)

This team is responsible for managing all competition results.

Daniel James
Senior Member
Evan Liu
Senior Member
Jacob Ambrose
Senior Member

WCA Software Team (WST)

This team is responsible for managing the WCA's software (website, scramblers, workbooks, admin tools).

Jeremy Fleischman
Senior Member
James LaChance

WCA Advisory Council (WAC)

This council is responsible for building and maintaining bilateral communication between the WCA Community and the WCA Staff.