Mickey Chow (周昊)

Country WCA ID Gender Competitions Completed Solves
China 2009CHOW06 Male 3 3

Current Personal Records

Event NR CR WR Single Average WR CR NR
Clock 1120 2813 10738 8:07.50
Competition Round Place Single Average Solves
3x3x3 Cube
Hot Spring Festival 2012 Final 11 DNF DNF DNFDNSDNSDNSDNS
Beijing Winter 2009 Final 14 8:07.50 8:07.50DNS
Beijing Winter 2012 Final 30 1:56.96 DNF 1:56.96DNFDNFDNFDNF
Master Magic
Beijing Winter 2012 Final 27 35.90 DNF 35.90DNFDNFDNFDNF
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