Operation NxN Myrbacka 2020

Aug 30, 2020
Vantaa, Finland

Monitoimitila Arkki

Liesitori 1A, 01600 Vantaa

3rd floor, enter from the southwest corner

Organization team
Arttu Puttonen, Niko Ronkainen, and Tomi Ronkainen
WCA Delegates
Niko Ronkainen and Tomi Ronkainen
Download all the competition's details as PDF here.

Please read through the regulations and arrive at the venue in time for for the competing tutorial at 11:00. Pay special attention to article Y. Regulations Y3a, Y3b, and Y3c will be enforced. In addition, all competitors should come prepared with their own pen. There is a limit of one guest per competitor.

Competitors and guests showing COVID-19 symptoms and/or failing to wear a face mask will be denied entry to the competition venue.

Lue säännöt ja saavu paikalle klo 11:00 järjestettävään kilpailuohjeeseen mennessä. Kiinnitä erityishuomiota artiklaan Y. Seuraamme sääntöjä Y3a, Y3b ja Y3c. Lisäksi kilpailijoilla tulisi olla oma kynä. Vieraita saa olla yksi per kilpailija.

Jos kilpailijalla tai vieraalla esiintyy COVID-19 -oireita, tai he eivät käytä kasvomaskia, ei heitä päästetä kisapaikalle.

Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
This competition is over, click here to display the registration requirements it used.
Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition here.
There is a competitor limit of 40 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is €10 (Euro).
If your registration is cancelled before you will be refunded 100% of your registration fee.
No on the spot registrations will be accepted.

If the competition limit is reached, cancelled registrations will be replaced with competitors on the waiting list until 2020-08-27 20:00 UTC. The waiting list is ordered by time of payment.

Changes to registered events can be made until 2020-08-27 20:00 UTC

Jos osallistujaraja saavutetaan, korvataan peruttuja ilmoittautumisia odotuslistalta 2020-08-27 20:00 UTC asti. Odotuslista on maksujärjestyksessä.

Ilmoittautumisen jälkeen muutoksia lajeihin voi tehdä 2020-07-27 20:00 UTC asti.

Click here to display the highlights of the competition.

Amos Nordman won with an average of 7.66 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Linus Laurén finished second (7.80) and Callum McArthur-Mortell finished third (9.73).

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